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Monday, 18 May 2020

How A Non-muslim Woman Became A Muslim | Humforu

Friends, when a person becomes a Muslim, that is, he is first killed by another religion, but later he is persuaded to become a Muslim. Do some deeds that will affect him and make him adopt our religion.
We must find in it many incidents in life based on the religion of Islam.
Let's read about the important incident of a student who went to London to study. How did this student convert a non-Muslim Muslim woman to Islam through his work and engagements?

  Incidentally, a Muslim student went to London to complete his education.
 There were many non-Muslim students in the house he found.
 A non-Muslim woman was in charge of washing the clothes of all these students.
 The Muslim boy, as usual, took his fair clothes to the laundry for washing.
 The laundress stopped him and asked, "Son, why do you give me your washed clothes to wash again?" The boy said, "If I could wash, why would I give it to you?" The woman's curiosity grew.
 The woman was surprised and asked, "If you don't wash, then how can the clothes be so clean?"
 Now the boy's curiosity began to grow as to why the woman was saying that.
"When I look at other students' clothes, they have a foul odor and strange spots on their underwear, but nothing like that happens on your clothes," she said.
 Now the boy understood the real thing.
The boy said, "
 I am actually a Muslim."
Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:
Cleanliness is half faith.
This means that the one who will remain pure, whoever adopts purity, has completed half of his faith.

And we are required to offer five daily prayers.
 And the clothes must be clean for prayers.
So I make sure the clothes are not dirty.
 Even if some impurity is found, I clean it and perform ablution prayers.
The woman was listening in amazement.
 The boy continued
 , "Apart from prayers, our religion commands us to be pure." Cleanliness
is part of our religion,
cleanliness is half the battle in Islam,
so the clothes I use are clean. The woman wondered, "
Does your religion pay attention to such small things?"
 Commands to stay so clean?
  The boy said, "Our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has commanded us to keep in touch with our Lord at all times, so when I go to the washroom, I recite specific prayers, and I come back and recite them."
The purpose of drinking food and drinking water is to pray for each deed separately so that we do not turn away from our Lord.
 The woman found these words charming.
  From time to time she would ask him about Islam
The mufti took note of every action of this Muslim boy and saw how good it was that she was so impressed that she wanted to become a Muslim. Yes, not only that, but she converted her whole family to Islam. Or

So, friend, we should always be clean and pure. Our tongue is happy with the remembrance of Allah. We should always be clean and pure because cleanliness is half faith.
May Allah Almighty help us to do this.


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