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Saturday, 9 May 2020

Love Story

 I welcome all of you friends to my blog ... My post is between two lovers ...
I hope.... Would you like
Let's get started,

it can't be, I will refuse this marriage ... !!
I said in a firm tone, then she passed away ...
No, you will not do anything like that.
So should I sacrifice all my desires for the happiness of my parents and spend my whole life crying and sobbing ... ?? It will not happen I will protest
crazy, do n't blame the parents they are just a resource It's all a matter of luck ...
what the writer wrote is happening
and love ... ?? I asked
There are thousands of people around us but the same face that he has destined
flows ... then what is the point of quarrel ??
After you get married, you have to give him your full confidence and win his trust.
It is necessary for a person to adopt in his life in the name of God, with full honesty ... to take full care of his rights ...
Never give him a chance to hate you by mocking my love ... !!
If she seemed to understand like an old man, I would get confused
and you ...?
What would you do without me ...?
I will also get married, I will always be here for a while and I love you ...? Gossiping on the roof
on moonlit nights,
soaking in the light rain.
And catching butterflies in the flowering season, she
deliberately annoyed
me ... then I got married,
she was perfectly normal, she just said ... keep
my promise ...
I hid her love in my heart She kept
her promise and then she got married and she moved to another city.
I never tried to meet her but my heart was pounding.
After many months, I was forced to go to her city for my work.
Went to it ... It was a very nice house with a lot of happiness
. The occupants of the house were also very nice, everyone was appreciating it very much ...
I asked ... I am
very happy here ... ?
She said it was
difficult to live with the old heart so I polished my heart ...
I laughed
when I said this was something I should also new
, so there is no problem ...
moonlit nights I fall asleep in the spread sheet to
be demolished screen TV dhkهty days of rain and allergy pهulun Is...!!
I came thinking that if I get it, she will ask me for an account of the days gone by, she will tell me
stories of her pain, she will hug me a lot,
but nothing like that happened, she kept talking very normally ... !!
Bkهr was in
itself a difficult strain of a broken heart kهra up
to be my kyfyyt bهanp a look at bids while the blinds clothesline at me ...
would be an error polish that wretched stuff in this dهndly They also look clean ... !!
... Thank you

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