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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Fateful decision

 we welcome you to our blog. I hope you will like this lesson. The

great deeds of the world have started with a decision. Turn the pages of history and remember the time of becoming Pakistan. If it had not been decided that Muslims want a separate homeland, would it have become a country?
Remember the early days of your childhood school, remember the faces of those friends and the names of the teachers, imagine the school wall and then look at today. Did you think then where you would end up, because you didn't make a conscious decision at the time, so the situation today is not to your liking. But life is what is left. If you make a conscious, powerful and life-giving decision today, your whole future will change.

Success is the result of successful decisions. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation and risk. These people don't change once they make a decision. Unsuccessful people decide in the morning and change their mind in the evening. Many people are afraid to make any decision so as not to fail. Remember that success is the result of good decisions.  Good decisions are the result of experience. And experience often comes from making the wrong decisions. So never be afraid to make decisions.
The misfortune of our youth is that life is their own and all the decisions of their life are being made by other people. As a result, the child grows up to be an immature person. It does not have the courage to decide. A good decision has so much power that it changes every aspect of your life such as your relationships, environment, performance, future, income, your destiny and yourself.
 What you have been doing for a long time is yielding the same results that you have today. In order to achieve something unique and big, you have to make a unique and big decision so that your future can pass brilliantly. Every action gives a result and every action moves in a certain direction. Each direction leads us to a destination.  But will doing just one action revolutionize life? Never... Life is a constant struggle. Persistence in a particular process shapes our destiny. Human history has shown that
“circumstances create weak people while powerful people create conditions of their own accord. They are not productive, because they are determined to change the situation. "
So decide to change your life today. It is not just a matter of intention or desire, it is a matter of deciding what you want to become. Stimulate yourself, encourage yourself and say that you have received the gift of life only once. God forbid, it should pass in vain and when the real meaning of life is understood, the time to decide should end and life should be left together. There is no better time than youth. Decide today to change your thinking, behavior and actions. Make at least five decisions that will affect every area of ​​your life and make your future brighter.
Friends, don't waste your enthusiasm. Don't go on a wrong night. Do
anything but don't waste a moment.
We have to be a strong, hardworking and brave nation and help our country Pakistan on the path of development.

Thank you ...

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