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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Change your mind, life will change itself

 I welcome all of you friends to my blog. I hope you will like this lesson very much. 

Change your thinking, life will change itself. To become an extraordinary person, your thinking must be extraordinary. The world's greatest success begins with a single thought. All progress from the Cave Age to the present day is the result of human thought and reflection. From the very beginning man began to think of making life easier. The power that makes great people unique is their thinking. A thought has no reality of its own, because every person thinks differently about the same event, but every thought gives rise to a reality.

 All your circumstances are due to your thinking, because they become what you think they are. One who does not think of success and happiness cannot achieve it. Thinking is like the flow of water. When this flow is constantly falling on a rock, the hard rock is also cut and gives way to it. There is nothing good or bad in this world. It's just your way of thinking. People want to change their lives, but they are not ready to change their minds.
 That is why their life is not successful. Our situation is not our choice, but we can choose our ideas. It is an inescapable fact that "we can change our thinking and change our circumstances." To be a good person, think positive and positive.
 The meaning of the hadith is: "To have a good opinion is a part of worship." Talk to people who are better off than you and adopt their ideas and thinking. You will start to get similar results. Thinking is an art. Unique thinking can make you unique. Come on, if you can't think well, don't think badly. Negative thinking is like a termite that hollows out your caste. It robs you of happiness. 

The most durable and long lasting wood tech in the world. Tech doesn't like termites, because termites don't like its taste. Don't let negative thoughts like termites come near you. That way you will have a stronger personality. Every thought is like a seed and your mind is like an earth. If you do not plant flowering plants of your choice in this land, unnecessary bushes and thorns will start growing. A thought gives rise to an action. It becomes your habit when you do something over and over again. When your habit matures, it gives birth to your character and your character makes your destiny, so to change your destiny you have to change your thinking. 

Better thinking creates a better attitude, that is, our attitude determines our height in life. Make your thinking come alive to make your behavior great. Your present state is the result of your past thoughts and your future is influenced by your present thinking. Another name for good luck is positive thinking and good thinking, because it is not possible for a person to think perfectly and not get great results. It has never happened in this world that a wheat crop and a cotton crop have sprouted. 

What is sown is reaped. Achieving anything is possible, provided you think about it seriously. The tragedy is that people try to avoid failure, even though they must think of success. Countless people are just thinking of living their lives. They should think of making their lives happier. Students keep thinking about not failing, they should also think about getting high marks. Similarly, people keep thinking about crime, evils, social superstitions, suicide, poverty, disorder, misery, problems and diseases. All these thoughts destroy his personality. 

When a person speaks, he is expressing his thoughts and personality and today the same issues and sufferings are mentioned and commented on in the language of every individual. Judge for yourself whether thinking of evils and discussing them will end them. Very few people are thinking about the solution of these evils and problems and they deserve to be called heroes. If you have never thought about making your life better, think now. 

There are no restrictions on thinking. Dreaming is not a crime. Think about making as much money as you can. With the help of this wealth you will be able to get a luxurious house, a big car will be parked in your garage. Think of a life full of respect and love. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What do you think about living your life to the fullest? 

Innumerable loving friends will be with you. You are living a peaceful life free from all worries, your life will be useful to others and you will become an ideal human being. Unless you allow this kind of useful thinking to enter you, your life will not change. Think big, "Think more get more". This life reminds them of the principle that just thinking once is not enough. Think regularly because all the great people of the world are accustomed to dreaming with open eyes during the day. 

Think again and again about what you have to achieve. In this way, this thought will awaken those hidden within you. This is your subconscious. Once the subconscious grasps the thought and thought, it only acquires it. To activate it, you need to think about your success over and over again. Think about what you think of the future. Fire

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