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Sunday, 10 May 2020

28 Best Ways to keep a husband happy

! Assalam o Alaikum
Todat My post is about married life. I hope you like it.

If a wife wants her married life to be happy and she can follow these methods even 50%, then surely her life will be better,

 to join her husband's hobbies,

2 to  play together, to work for her husband. Praise, make

houses where the tired husband comes and feel at ease

4   Reply to the smile of the husband with a smile

5   Concern for the safety of the husband and express in prayer,

6  Husband while cleaning the house Protecting things and keeping them neat,

7  Traveling together with her husband,

8   not leave her alone for her husband at home,

9    to express my heartfelt talk with her husband,

10   to purchase her choice of accessories,

11  to prepare her choice of food,

12  husband himself Attracting yourself,  planning for the future together with husbands, considering

 13  husbands as the head of the house,

14  washing husband's feet in case of tiredness,  arranging

15  bedrooms according to husband's choice,

 16  love before going to office To express,

 17  If there is any negligence or abuse on the part of the husband, to forgive him freely,

 18  Don't hide anything  from the husband, pay more attention to the husband than before in the presence of

19  loved ones and relatives,

20  clean the husband's car by himself,

 21  protect the husband's belongings by yourself,

 22  in the bedroom installing image of her husband,

 23  not opposed to the husband in the presence of others,

24  take special care of the husband of the disease,

 25  to trust each other's husband,

26 husband does not compare to any other to,

27  to leave her husband at the door of the office and to welcome smile at the door,

 28  not to be beloved husband to try to be his mother

Sometimes the responsibilities of the husband are stated. Is there no duty of the husband? The answer is that in this article we have talked about the duties of the wife and this is the topic of discussion. It is very important to say one thing at the end. That wives who want to keep their husbands as "slaves" eventually become "slaves" and those who make their husbands their "king" become "queens". ۔ ۔
May Allah bless me and grant us all the perfect ability to act, Amen and Amen or the Lord of the Worlds. ۔ ۔ا


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