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Thursday, 25 June 2020

The difference between endurance and patience

My name is Faizan Majeed. I am here to tell u about endurance and patience.

  In our society, where many other misunderstandings are common, there is another thing in which we do not make much difference and generally do not understand its true meaninIg. 

                        That is tolerance and patience, there is a very clear difference between the two.  Tolerance means that a person says: "I can do nothing, I am helpless and I am hollow because of helplessness." Patience means very differently. It means that man  Let him rely on Allah even when he is in trouble and let him believe that a good time is coming. That is, the good hope that man has for Allah is called patience.
  In Islam too, we are commanded to be patient, not tolerant.  If there is any difficulty, then there is no need to panic because with every difficulty there is ease. Similarly, if there is any difficulty, then there is no need to worry. 

One of the benefits of showing patience is that patience does not harm faith.  There is a fear of losing faith in endurance. Therefore, one should always be patient and hope that the hardships that have befallen me have been rewarded by Allah in a very good manner.  

That my Lord knows my difficulty and He is with me, then this faith of His puts an end to this difficult time and brings a good time after that.
  Holding the foot of patience and faith in difficult times is actually a test. Every human being is happy in good circumstances but when the situation deteriorates then man finds out. It is only when the vessel is shaken that one knows what is in it.  

The poison comes out when it is drunk and even if it is honey, it comes out. Similarly, the vessel of a person's vessel is also known when it has a hard time. Then if his vessel is high then he will be patient and if the vessel is weak then  If so, then he will be a victim of grief and frustration.
  It is customary in a tribe of the Japanese nation to fill their cracks with gold when their vessel is broken. 

We should also believe that the person whose heart is broken, Allah gives more to him and  Allah loves more than a broken heart. He whose heart is broken, he gets anguish and then through anguished prostration he prays to his Lord for everything.  There is a gift and its reward. When Iqbal came to know this secret, he said:
 So don't save it, it is your mirror, that mirror
 The one who is broken is dearer in the eyes of the mirror maker
  Allah loves such helplessness in which you get closer to Allah. The difficulty in which a person remembers his Allah is very good. Even if the mother slaps the child with a slap, "Mother" is still in the child's mouth.  

This is how it comes out. If any affliction befalls the one who has Allah, then “Allah” comes out of his mouth and this questioning of Allah's door is in itself a gift of Allah and a reward of Allah.  May Allah keep us only as a question of His door so that we do not have to be humiliated by bowing at other doors. 

The question of Allah's door does not even look at any other door. Wasif Ali Wasif's statement is that
 "If the eye is opened, then man gives thanks for the difficulty which has given way to Allah." He also gives thanks for the sin after which repentance is obtained and man reaches the Lord.

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