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Friday, 27 November 2020

Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer | Newforu |

 *Assalam o alaikum!* I am here to tell you about Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer It is most effected disease in these days due to some lackes of us.

 *Brain tumor* is more properly saying then  *Brain Cancer* or *Brain tumor* are same thing.

- What is Brain Tumor ?

 Brain Tumor is a growth of such kind of cells which is harmful for our body. Many different types of *Brain Cancer* are exist in your *Brain*. Some *Brain Tumor* is noncancerous and some *Brain Tumor* is cancerous.. Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer


- How much serious is *Brain Tumor* to your body?

 *Brain Tumor* can be *cancerous or noncancerous* . When *cancerous or noncancerous* cells are grow they cause bad effect on your skills. 

It cause your brain damage and your life would be in danger.Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer.

- How can you cured from *Brain Tumor*?

 step 1: *Brain tumor* is totally removed by *surgery* .

Step 2: The *tumor cells* grow and spread more slowly than step 3 and 4 *tumor cells.* They may spread into nearby tissue and may recur. 

 Some *tumors* are very dangerous they may become a higher-grade *tumor*. 

Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer

      _*Brain Cancer*_


 *Brain Cancer* can have a very large types of symptoms *including seizures, sleepiness, hypertension, angers, confusion, and behavioral changes. * All the *Brain Tumors* is not a cancerous *tumors* , and benign *tumors* can result is almost in similar symptoms.


A *Brain Tumors* is a such type of cells that is a group of abnormal cells that grows in or around your *brain* . *Tumors* can directly destroy healthy brain cells. Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer Tcan also indirectly damage healthy cells by crowding other parts of the brain and causing inflammation, brain swelling and pressure within the skill. These *tumors* cells are destroy our body.

 *Brain Tumors* have two different type :

 1- primary 

2- metastatic. 

  1- *Primary

 *Primary brain tumors* begin within the *brain*.

2- *Metastatic

 A *metastatic tumor* is become when Tumor cells lies in the body and break away and travel towards the *brain* . For this reason, *metastatic brain tumors* are almost , primary *Brain Tumors* may or may not be *benign* or *malignant*.

*Brain Tumors* have based on where the *tumor* is located in your body, when the type of tissue involved whether the *tumor* is *benign* or *malignant* , and somoe other factors.  Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer   If a *tumor* is malignant, the *tumor cells* are under a observation microscope to find the cells how much *malignant* they are. All the process is Based on this analysis of disease, and the *tumors* are noted by their level of malignancy from least to most malignant. Its mean note its upar and lower stage. When you observed a *Tumor* the factors that determine the **tumor* The dead cel is present in the middle of the *tumor* . If your Doctor is very able to understand your cell its too much good for u.  Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer

All of your treatment is based on your doctor.


The primary brain tumors is unknown. Some *Brain* *Tumors* are *Genetic* and *environmental* factors.

The symptoms of *Brain Cancer* depend on the size of *Tumor* .

Common *Brain Cancer* symptoms are:

  • 1- Headaches 
  • 2- Nausea
  • 3- Vomiting
  • 4- Lack of Coordination
  • 5- Lack of Balance
  • 6- Difficulty Walking
  • 7- Memory Lapses
  • 8- Difficulty Thinking
  • 9- Speech Problems
  • 10- Vision Problems
  • 11- Personality Changes
  • 12- Abnormal Eye
  • 13- Movements
  • 14- Muscle Jerking
  • 15- Muscle Twitching
  • 16- Unexplained Passing Out,  
  • 17- Numbness  
  • 18- Seizures

Many symptoms of *Brain Tumor* are also caused by other, conditions. 

It’s good way to go to your Doctor and show your symptoms look carefully just in case.

--Causes and Risk Factors of *Brain Tumor*..

Cancer is another part of your body that have a risk factor.Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer

  *Cancers* that commonly spread, to the *Brain* include:

  • 1- lung Cancer
  • 2-Breast Cancer
  • 3- kidney Cancer
  • 4- Bladder Cancer

 *Melanoma* , is such a type of *Skin Cancer* The *Treatment Of Brain Cancer* is vert Important.

Other factors related to *Brain Cancer* include:

  • Increased Age
  • long-term smoking
  • exposure to pesticides,
  • herbicides
  • Fertilizer
  •  Plastic
  •  Ruber
  •  Lead
  •  Petroleum 

Are the causes of *Brain Cancer* Please work careful with such elements.

~•How to *Treatment Of Brain Cancer* ?

There are many kinds of Treatments for *Brain Cancer.* *Treatment* for *Primary Brain Cancer* is different method thanT reatment of Metastatic Brain Tumors. *Treatment* of *Metastatic Cancer* is more get serious impact on cancer.

•You may get one or more *Treatments* depend on the type and size of your *Brain Tumor* . 

 *Treatment of Brain Cancer* is most important. All the Treatment depend on your age and health also. IF YOU have Healthy body and young in age you would recover soon *In sha Allah*.


Surgery is the most common *Treatment of Brain Cancer. * If your Doctor know well that the *Tumor cell* where lives in your *Brain* and also know their size then the Doctor do easily Surgery of your *Brain* . It is a best method to get over from this kind of dangerous disease.Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer

Sometime the tumor is located in a very sensitive place in your mind then the best option is surgery. This kind of tumor is mostly an oprateable.

In some cases your doctor preferred other medicines then surgery it's a best option to your patient. *Treatment of Brain Tumor* is very important if you show any kind of carelessness you would travel to your death you are life in danger. Brain Cancer And Treatment of Brain Cancer  You should try to eat medicine regularly and get hour from the this horrible disease.

  • Reducing risk of brain cancer

There is no way to get over from this type of disease but you can reduce risk of brain cancer by act upon some advices of your doctor.

1 Avoid Exposure to Pesticides and Insecticides

2 Avoid exposure to Carcinogenic Chemicals

3 Avoid Smoking

4 Avoid unnecessary Radiation

This is a terrible disease. May Allah protect us all from it. Treatment of Brain Cancer is most important for all of us. And we should all avoid bad habits and bad company because such diseases are contagious. Anyone who is infected with this disease takes every step they take towards their death. That man dies himself from moment to moment. If a person has symptoms of the disease, he should see his doctor as soon as possible, regardless of his health. May *Allah* secure all of us from such kind of diseases.

Thank You

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